Chicks Flippin’ The Script: Reservoir Dolls (Parody)

Chicks Flippin’ the Script – Girls doing guy movies. A parody of the original Reservoir Dogs Trailer.

Created by Kasserole Productions
Kimberly Woods, Andrew Jordan, Stefanie Chin and Scott Forrester
In association with Winky Dink Media

Ms. Blonde – Stefanie Chin
Ms. White – Kimberly Woods
Ms. Pink – Allison O’Malley
Ms. Orange – Tasha Tacosa
Ms. Blue – Annie Sims
Ms. Brown – Chloé Rosenthal
Josie – Amber Wines
Waitress – Stephanie Crowley

Written by: Stefanie Chin
Directed and Edited by: Andrew Jordan
Produced by: Scott Forrester, Stefanie Chin, Andrew Jordan, Kimberly Woods

Music by: Mark Maxwell

Special Thanks: Jared Winkler, Mom’s BBQ House, Nick Fontenette, Mike Forrester