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Top 10 Anime Shows Adult Swim Aired

Posted on November 6, 2014 at 12:36 pm

I’m from a particular time, and I remember when Adult Swim on Cartoon Network didn’t just devote Saturday nights for it’s block of Toonami Anime.  When I was in college, anime played late night even on the weekdays.  Here’s a list I’ve compiled of all my favorite anime shows that I discovered on Adult Swim.  Do you agree with my rankings?  What shows did I miss?

#10 Ghost in a Shell: Stand Alone Complex

#9 Outlaw Star

#8 Samurai Champloo

#7 Paranoia Agent

#6 Fooly Cooly

#5 Inuyasha

#4 Cowboy Bebop

#3 Trigun

#2 Full Metal Alchemist

…And the Winner…

#1 Dragon Ball Z