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League of Legends Tournament!

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    So I noticed we’re starting to get more and more people playing League of Legends here on Reborn, so I was thinking that we have a friendly little competition. A 1v1 tournament of all the people playing! There will be Reborn Rupee prizes, which I will list below, and maybe $10 in Riot Points. The card depends on how many entries [s]and if I have the money to get said points for the winner.
    On a minimum the prices will be as follows:
    1st Place – 1000 Reborn Rupees
    2nd Place – 750 Reborn Rupees
    3rd Place – 500 Reborn Rupees
    I’ve also been allowed to award a random entrant 250 Reborn Rupees AND every entrant who plays will get 50 Reborn Rupees as well. All of these amounts have been approved by Ikaru as a minimum prize pool. Dependent on if we get more entries or not the prize pools may get bigger but this is the bare minimum.
    The $10 in Riot Points will also be given out to a random entrant because I think it’s a little more fair for everyone that way, and everyone has an equal chance at the Riot Points. Again, this prize is dependant not only on how many entrants, but if I have the money available to buy the prize.In order to win the drawing you must attend each of your matches up to the drawing.
    The random drawings will be done and will be live casted for 2 witnesses, one who is in the contest and one who is not, they will confirm both the ID’s I give to each person before the drawing and the numbers that come up on the drawing itself before it is done.
    I realize that some people have been playing longer than others meaning they could have a large advantage over other players. So in order to even this out am also willing to give lessons to the new players of League of Legends so that the competition would be a little more even than how one sided it would be if I did not. While I do not practice a lot of the general concepts myself I do know of them [s]and know I should follow them.
    The rules will be as follows:
    1) Each player will get 2 bans. (As in banning 2 champions each)
    2) Either first blood or first tower kill wins the game.
    3) No neutral creep Jungling.
    4) Jungle/River/Bush is allowed to be traveled through or used to block line of sight but no neutral creeps are allowed to be killed.
    5) Mid-Lane Only.
    6) If disconnects, the game will continue and the players can agree/disagree to rematch. If the players cannot come to an agreement I will decide.
    7) If a side lane creep wave pushes a tower, match will continue until an inhibitor is destroyed. At which case the match will restart.
    Once I get all the entries I will make pairings and arrange days for each to battle since I’ll need to spectate each match in order to ensure no rule breaking and such.
    I’ll make an entry deadline for December 2nd. Anyone wishing to take a lesson from me please send me a PM asap. I’d also like to ask that any questions be sent to me via PM and I will add an FAQ’s section as I get them in a post underneath this one.

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