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Cartoon Hook-Up Suggestion Box

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    Jared Winkler

    Request the next Cartoon Hook-Up here!



    Ok, if there’s a segment of the population out there who can’t get around to video games as much, but get stuck watching Nick Jr. with their kids, here’s a great creep/slut hookup:

    SwaySway from Breadwinners
    Trixie Tang from The Fairly OddParents


    Jared Winkler

    Haha… I take it you get stuck watching Nick Jr.? I’ll have to research those suggestions 🙂 I don’t know them off-hand.


    The Nippler

    Sasuke from Naruto and Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars LOL, jk.
    Uhhh, what about Old Snake and Mei Ling from Metal Gear Solid, you can make an obvious joke about his snake not being very solid because he’s old with an erectile dysfunction and ran out of viagra or something.
    Then to follow up the crappy joke, you can just have a Metal Gear destroy the building.


    Jared Winkler

    I definitely have to do a Naruto one. I don’t know anything about the show, though. I’ll have to study up! I think Metal Gear Solid has to happen too 🙂 I think when I have more time, I may do a longer Star Wars Special.



    Leon S Kennedy and Ada Wong from Resident Evil.

    Trish, Dante and Lady from Devil May Cry.

    Solid Snake and Otacon from Metal Gear Solid.

    Sam and Raiden with a guest appearance from Rose, from Metal Gear Rising.

    Those are mine xD


    Korean for hire

    hmm this could be fun for an idea
    You have Revan (KOTOR) going to have fun with bastila but then the other girls appear(Mission vao, Juhani) well decisions decisions

    That or Kotor 2 it could be the exile with some one of the three girls then same scenario appears like for example Exile is with Brianna then mira and visas show up etc



    Here is one that i thought would be interesting: Bugs Bunny and Lola bunny from the new loony toons show
    there is a lot you can do with this idea since you got the classic Bugs Bunny and the new Lola who they turned into a stalker. I mean just imagine it. Bugs is in the Motel room trying to relax and Lola is waiting and watching from outside the second story window and just tries to force herself on him. it is a really interesting idea that I thought you guys might want to try

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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